The Christmas Kitten

The world needs more ways to be united! So, I decided to write a book about how one PURRson (or kitten) can make a difference and change the world for the better. It’s a story of hope, belonging, community, inclusion, and compassion!

"The Christmas Kitten" is on KINDLE MEOW!

The Sketching Continues MEOW

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September 27, 2017

Brainstorming with Ben

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September 16, 2017

More About The Christmas Kitten

This is a story about an orphan kitten who is rescued by Santa’s Reindeer, and through his big-hearted wish, ALL the cats get homes on Christmas.

The world is filled with division, and I believe we should look for ways to come together and smile, and enjoy, and be inspired to help others. That is what “The Christmas Kitten” means to me and I’m hoping to help “create a culture of kindness.”

What People are Saying:

“Heartwarming… A KITTYCATabulous CHRISTMAS Classic!!!” ~Dora C.

“The magic of the season meets big-hearted animal rescue mission in “The Christmas Kitten,” a fresh fable with a classic feel. A new favorite bedtime story to inspire hope, empathy, ingenuity in the next generation of animal lovers.” ~A. Raasch

“Pure PURRfection. Christmas magic still exists and it can be found in the heart of a little kitten with a very special holiday wish.” ~ M. Lapaierre

“As someone who has been in cat rescue for the past 10 years, this sweet story really hit close to home. I think this story is very inspirational and will help kids learn compassion for others and our four legged friends!” ~ C. Pennington “The Casual Cat Cafe”

“This adorable children’s book about a homeless kitten that is rescued by Santa’s reindeer is creatively written, beautifully illustrated, and reminds us all of the meaning of Christmas – hope, acceptance and love. Reading The Christmas Kitten made us smile and will become part of our Christmas tradition.” ~ M. Stevens

“‘The Christmas Kitten’ is a delightful tale sure to warm any heart at this time of year! Parents will enjoy reading it to their children and the message of not just looking to your own interests but caring for the needs of others.” ~ H. Smith

“Wow what an awesome book! It really made me tear up! I think every kid should have one! Cute story.” ~ K. Cantrell

“While we know about those all nestled in bed, there’s still more of those creatures to be said – a lonely Kitten; – a joyous seasonal refrain of selfless hope to spark those young in heart to scope – a lowly Christmas Kitten.” ~Larry S.

“No one is too insignificant to change the world. Heart warming story every cat lover will adore.” ~ N. Jackson

About the Author

Back the Christmas Kitten

My life is weird, and PAWsome. I’m a filmmaker, artist, & entrepreneur and truly one of the biggest “cat enthusiasts” you will ever meet… and also have a film about it

Thank MEW 🙂 so much for supporting and sharing with your FURRiends and for being a part of my journey 🙂 I’m so excited to share this book with the world this PAWliday season.