The Christmas Kitten

The world needs more ways to be united! So, I decided to write a book about how one PURRson (or kitten) can make a difference and change the world for the better. It’s a story of hope, belonging, community, inclusion, and compassion!

With so much division and anger in the world right now and I feel strongly that we should look for ways to come together and smile, and enjoy, and be inspired to help others. That is what “The Christmas Kitten” means to me and I’m hoping to help “create a culture of kindness.”

It is a story about an orphan kitten who is rescued by Santa’s Reindeer, and through his big-hearted wish, ALL the cats get homes on Christmas.

Risks and Challenges

I have never published a book! HOWEVER, I’m a quick study and have the team of people ready to pull it off successfully, all I need now is the funding. So far everyone has DONATED their time and talents to this book ready. Now I need to crowdfund this and pay all the deserving, hard-working, caring, generous people who are on my team and have gotten me set up to GO 🙂 Once in place, the process will unfold:

I have the book FULLY drafted (rough draft). It is FULLY written. I have the team in place and ready to go:

  • Illustrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Web
  • Media
  • Marketing

I will be self-pulling on Amazon through their “createspace” platform. The only thing I need now is funding for the team. The Graphic Designers worked with a friend who also used createspace recently and are equipped to walk this process into the final phase once the book had the final Illustrations.

I have held a copy of the exact sizing of the soft-back book I will be creating, so really the only potential risks I can forsee are not getting enough funding. It’s print on demand, so aside from the books I will be ordering to fulfill the rewards, people will be able to order when they wish and it will be printed and arrive at their home 🙂

Thanks for consideration and for supporting the pet PAWject!!!

An orphan kitten is rescued by Santa’s Reindeer and through his big-hearted wish, all the kitties get homes on Christmas.


Thanks to everyone interested in donating and becoming a FURRever Sponsor of “The Christmas Kitten” 🙂 Thank MEW!




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About the Author

Back the Christmas Kitten

My life is weird, and PAWsome. I’m a filmmaker, artist, & entrepreneur and truly one of the biggest “cat enthusiasts” you will ever meet… and also have a film about it

Thank MEW 🙂 so much for supporting and sharing with your FURRiends and for being a part of my journey 🙂 I’m so excited to share this book with the world this PAWliday season.